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for artists to
'cut out the noise'

Creating and owning exclusive,
bespoke, instictive content.

We are a live visual music experience
for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What would you look like?

girl in red



Nils Bech

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After acceptance it's time to assemble the team! You will be assigned: an artist liaison, A&R person, creative director, marketing and promo director.

Our mission is to provide artists with a steady source of income and to push the live stream format.

We are a team of 11, based in Oslo and London. Working with artists like Girl in Red, AURORA, Sigrid, Boy Pablo, Kvelertak, Leprous, Papa Roach, Veronica Maggio and Miriam Bryant.

We live and breathe the live format and believe deeply in its power in connecting fans and artists in intimate experiences worth paying for.

Join the artist revolution, become a part of our community.
And make an income.

Artist: Ary